'Out The Box' Ownership Interview

Why did this brand start?

" We started this brand because we've been very interested in being our own boss for a very long time. And along the road of trying to achieve that goal we’ve dealt with a lot of things in our life. If there was one thing that we learned that was the most important, it was that being different is not a burden. Be yourself and be true to who you are no matter the influence of the outside world. Being a christian and a firm believer in our faith, we deal with a lot of people that try to discredit us and our faith. Through the bible teaches us that we are to have a strong faith and not be swayed when someone comes against us. So that’s where the brand name “Out The Box” came from. We’re not afraid to be different and we’re not afraid to be considered against the flow of the water. God provided us something special and regardless of what people think of us, we’re going to treat that gift with respect."

What does it mean to be 'Out The Box' ?

"Being ‘Out The Box’ dares an individual to be different. No matter the circumstance and no matter the risk; be comfortable enough in yourself and your personality that you will not compromise the real you for a facade. All of our life, people have been trying to put us and you as well, into this BOX where everyone should be the same. Everyone should believe the same things. Everyone should look the same way. Our faith and our christian lifestyle has made it clear to us the blessings that come with being set apart; and we want to share that good news with the rest of the world"

What’s the goal with this brand?

"Our goal is to share the belief system we have adopted during the entirety of our lives. One, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being separated from the crowd. In fact we DARE people to be different. Take a chance and see where it takes you. Two, We want to teach people not to allow anyone that is not themselves, tell them how they should be living their life. Tell them how they should believe and how they should think. That is your life and at the end of the day it is YOU that has to walk in those shoes, not them. Only God and his word has such supreme authority. Three,  We want to make opportunities for small and creative entrepreneurs trying to scrape their way into the door of business and success. We know how it feels to have so much to say and not be heard, so we  take on the responsibility of being the ear to hear."